Tuesday, March 3, 2020

How Time Flies!

 My mom (Rosemary) passed on about two years ago.  Many of you who stayed at the Pines in the 70's and 80's may remember her and my dad (Charles) who ran this place together for almost twenty years.  I thought they'd owned it forever, but now John and I will begin our 30th year here in June.  What a ride it's been, and what an example of steadfastness and compassion my folks were to us!

Charles & Rosemary Frantz

In January last year we decided to join the Airbnb community and try listing some of our rooms with them. It started out slowly, of course, but as people booked with us and left wonderful reviews of our "eclectic" place, we opened up all our upstairs inside rooms to Airbnb guests.  The response has been amazing.  We can't "instant" book since we still book all our rooms via phone too, but we jumped into the melee and have discovered new friends from all over the world.  Pets are no longer allowed in these upstairs rooms, but we have three other rooms that are still pet-friendly.

Now with an iPhone (big learning curve there), I'm discovering a bit more freedom to enjoy our beautiful Teton Valley with John as I'm able to check reservations and talk to folks even while skiing or traipsing about. Thanks for your patience with us when you hear the phone message, "Pines Motel, this is Nancy.  We're up skiing today. (Or whatever. . .) If you need a room tonight, please call me at 307-264-8210."

Happy trails to you!!