Saturday, June 7, 2014


We had a problem with the lighting for our Pines Motel Guest Haus sign in front of the motel this spring.  Somewhere under the parking lot, the wiring gave up the ghost.  It was the perfect opportunity to try our hand at something we'd long thought about:  solar panels.
A motel guest pointed us in the right direction by suggesting the set-up we'd need, and John got to work.  With a bit of ingenuity and prayer, and a lot of work, it wasn't long before our solar panels were soaking up the sun.  The first time we flipped the switches, we were like kids at a surprise party.  We cheered and jumped up and down and laughed when the lights came on.
A couple days later we fashioned "floodlights" by cutting the tops off some pop bottles and covering them with aluminum foil, then placing them on the bases before screwing in the bulbs.  Now our floodlights throw just enough light in the center of each side of the sign to let folks know where we are as night sneaks over the mountains.  We shut them off before bed and smile in the dark.