Saturday, November 30, 2013

Where in the World are John and Nancy?

We love to travel, wandering the back roads in our little camper-van to see what we can discover, or visiting one of our children somewhere around the world.  I carry my camera along and we stop often for pictures.

We recently decided to do something that you might find enjoyable:  we plan to post a hot spring photo of us occasionally from one of our trips, and see if you can pinpoint exactly where we were.  The first person to reply with the correct name and location will win a free room for two at the Pines Motel!

Soaking in hot springs is one of our favorite pastimes while traveling:  in pools built near the edges of rivers or up canyons, in commercial pools, and in cattle troughs or bathtubs on BLM or private lands.  Our first travel picture is of the two of us in one of our favorite hot pools, a shot taken earlier this month.  You may reply by calling us (208-354-2774), emailing, or messaging 307-264-8210 with your response.

Happy Travels!
John and Nancy